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Searching for Articles

These are instructions for using the Search tab on the Editor's Tools screen. Choosing the correct search terms should return a list of articles available. A link to the editing screen will appear in each returned article.

The easiest way to conduct a search is to simply select a publication, or publications, and a date range, and click the Search Articles button. Beware, however, as you might get more than you bargained for, as this will return all articles within the selected publications for your dates. A better way to search is to narrow your criteria. By selecting the right combination of search terms and criteria a much smaller set of returned articles will be found, hopefully including the one(s) you're looking for.

As before, begin by selecting the publication(s) that you would like to search through. Select multiple publications by option-clicking on them (If multiple publications are available to you). Also, pick a date range.

Choose a section (Section is:) or mapping code (Mapping is:) to search through if you desire. If you are grouped to multiple publications, your working publication's sections will appear first, followed by a list of other publications's sections that you are grouped to, prefixed with the publication's name. (dailynews:Sports).

In the Options section you can do a text search. The three Make Selection bars enable a user to search through various properties of an article (body, headline, etc.). You are limited to 50 characters in the text fields. Use the Contains bar in the middle to choose what type of search operation you would like to perform. (Note that when you choose the Body parameter from the Make Selection bar you are limited to Contains and Does Not Contain.)

Choose a parameter from the Order By bar and your results will be returned in that order. Search orders are based on the following algorithms for order: spaces, numbers, some special characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, other special characters.

The Show drop down determines how many results you would like to see.

Once you've entered all of your desired criteria click the Search Articles button and a list will appear with articles fitting the search parameters (that is, if such articles exist...remember batting just .300 gets you into the Hall of Fame!).

If you like the search you have the option of saving it. Just fill in the Save Search As text box with a memorable name and click the button. This will allow you to conduct future searches with the exact parameters you selected for your present search. (Dates are not saved with saved searches.)

If you want to use a saved search in the future just select one from the Saved Searches drop down and articles fitting your description will be returned (remember the Hall of Fame).


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