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Ordering a Section

To Start

These are instructions for using the Order Section screen in the Cofax Editor's Tools. By ordering a section you are ordering the rows returned by packageTags that return articles on a particular index.

  • Choose the section you want to order by selecting the desired section from the Order Section drop down menu.

  • Choose the number of stories to show by selecting an option from the Show Stories drop down menu.

  • Choose a date range to order by selecting start date in the From Date menu and an ending date in the To Date menu.

  • Choose how many Pre-Order fields to show by selecting from the Show Pre-Order Fields drop down menu. Pre-Order fields are slots that allow you to create dummy articles that are disabled. When new articles arrive in a feed they replace the articles with the same properties.

  • Click Select Section.

Now What?: Two Options

After clicking the Select Section button, depending on what you've selected in the options above, a number of things can happen. If there are articles that appear with the date range selected, they will be returned within the form and you'll be able to do things to them. What you can do is covered below.

If you've pre-ordered blank articles a section will appear with options for them. Instructions for what to do here also appear below.

Re-ordering Existing Articles

  • From the drop downs on the left choose a new ordering for these articles.

  • The check boxes on the right allow you to delete this mapping for this article, or to disable it altogether or just from the section front page.

  • There is also an Edit link if you feel the need to change anything about the article.

    Pre-Order Non-Existent Articles

    Here you will be presented with as many blank articles as were chosen in the Pre-Order Stories menu above. Just type in the properties of the articles you expect to arrive in the feed here.

    • Slug will be the name of the HTML file your article will become. For more information on this property see the creating articles page.

    • Fill in the Mapping Section if desired.

    • Change the Publication Date if your story will not be published today.

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