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Last Updated: 2002/Jun/12

Before downloading anything please read the Cofax Software License.

Before, during, or after you download the files you may want to read our Cofax Installation Instructions.

Cofax Downloadables

Tested under Sun Os 5.8, Windows 2000, and Windows 98

  • Download Binaries and Source from SourceForge

    Sample Templates

    These sample templates are from real Knight Ridder newspapers that have used Cofax. Sample data is not included.

  • Star Telegram(Dallas/FortWorth, TX) - 154000 (relatively simple site - 29 templates)
  • Bradenton Herald(Bradenton, FL) - 342000 (medium complexity site 93 - templates)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer(Philadelphia, PA) - 493000 (complex site - 284 templates)

    Database Drivers

    JDBC Drivers we have used in the course of cofax development and deployment.

  • Sun's master list of JDBC driver vendors -
  • Microsoft's free JDBC for 2000 and 7.0 -

    MySQL Tools

  • Download MySQL versions 3.2 and higher from
  • Download MySQL-Front, an easy to use GUI for MySQL for Windows at

    Unsuported ports, files and releases for Cofax

    These files are unsuported by any developer members of Cofax. However there are alot of fine work being done with Cofax by individuals which should be generally available. Some of these releases may very well end up as part of the final release, but are not as of today.

    PostgresSql port of MsSql

    This port was done by hand by Ben Carlson. Since this is unsuported all questions and information needed should be obtained from him directly. Ben can be contacted via the following email; [email protected].

  • PostgresSql port of the MsSql database goon implementation - 27064