Cofax In Action

Last Updated: 2004/May/12

Independent companies and sites using Cofax

  • - from France.
  • - from France.
  • - from France.
  • - from France.
  • Smile - les motoristes Internet - from France.
  • Egide - from France.
  • Les Editions de la Cigale - from France.
  • - from Germany.

    Screenshots from Previous Installations

  • - the GOP 2000 Presidential Convention
  • GOP 2000 convention-coverage at RealCities
  • An article from the Phildelphia Inquirer sports section
  • Business section at the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • An article with photo from the Philadelphia Inquirer front page.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News business columns
  • An article from the Wilkes Barre Times Leader
  • Knight Ridder sites using Cofax technology

    Note that these sites are no longer using Cofax itself, but a second generation CMS utilizing concepts pioneered by Cofax.

  • - Includes the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.
  • - Includes the Miami Herald
  • - Includes the American News
  • - Technology News
  • - Includes The Telegraph
  • - Includes the Journal Gazette and The News Sentinel
  • - Includes the Mercury News
  • Thats Racing - NASCAR racing.
  • Screenshots of the Editor's Tools being used

  • Editors Tools for the Inquirer
  • Searching for an Article
  • Editing an Article
  • Adding Images to an Article
  • Editing Related Links
  • What the page looks like
  • Ordering a Section
  • Editing an Section
  • Cofax being used to build multiple daily editions of the Inquirer

  • Routing an article to a Channel
  • The Inquirer, Morning Edition's Top Cell
  • Rapidly Delivering Cached Pages from Memory

  • Caching Technology in Action
  • Notice the URLs look clean like on a static html site. It does not contain "?this=that&gobbledegook". In fact, it looks as it would when static HTML files are stored in side folders for each section. This also lets search engines (AltaVista etc.) to index the dynamically generated site because to them it looks just like a static html site. This is an advantage over other dynamic site presentation systems.