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Security Overview

Security consists of Users, Groups, Group Types, and Publications.
  • A User has a group(s).
  • A Group has a type.
  • A Group has a publication(s).
Groups can be an amalgamation of any publications, but can have only one type.

Group Types determine what securities access users of a group will have. The default GroupTypes are: Low Level Editors, Publishers, National Admins, and Regional Admins. You, however, do not need to use these and can set up your own. Remember that each group type should have a specific level of access to the system, with access being more liberal as you climb the responsibility ladder. Each type should have access only to those functions pertinent to the group type.

Users can posess any amount of groups.

The security page is simply a grid of check boxes for Cofax functions and Group Types. To edit the security levels for a Group Type simply check or uncheck the correct box and click the Edit Security button to save your changes.


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