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Creating or Editing Article Tyes

These are instructions for using the Article Types tab on the Cofax Editor's Tools page. To create a new Article Type simply fill in the form. To edit an Article Type select one from the pulldown menu and change the desired fields. In either case, when you are done just click on the Save Article Type icon and your changes will be saved in the Cofax system.

Required Fields

  • In the Primary Section drop down choose the section in which the columnist will be primarily displayed.

  • Article Type Code signifies a string that is used in articles sent in the feed that identify the article as belonging to this article type. If you do not know what that string is, simply repeat the Article Type URL Folder here.

  • Article Type Description is a long description of the article type for display purposes.

  • Article Type URL Folder is the URL folder a article type will appear in. For example, for either or the Article Type URL Folder should be gshister.

Optional Fields

  • Article Type Title is the title you wish displayed with this article type.

  • Article Type Byline is the name of the article's author.

  • Article Type E-mail is the email address of the author.

  • Article Type Lead In is a flexible-use field that can be called on any columnist template. Generally, it contains the title of the column, followed by the byline, i.e. "TVTALK | Gail Shister." If the column does not have a title, repeat the byline in this field. Do not leave it blank.

  • Article Type Footer can be any standing information about the columnist or article type that can then be called in the columnist template.

  • Article Type Bio is the bio or any information related to the author.

  • Disable will disable any articles associated with the article type.

  • Type in a full Image URL to an image you wish to accompany the columnist's articles.

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