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> COFAX 2.3 is out !

What's really new in COFAX 2.3 :
  • integration of JTIDY for cleaning HTML on the fly ;
  • integration of TinyMCE as embeded editor ;
  • integration of JSTL (used for RSS parsing, for example);
  • running MySQL 5 and TOMCAT 5 (and still works on MySQL 4 and TOMCAT 4)
  • adding some new package tags ;
  • complete redesign of the page cache system ;
  • complete new back-office templates (with some old disabled features ) ;
  • new FileServlet design, which enables to deliver human readable filenames to attached files keeping the actual filename storing policy ;
  • IP Filtering to check if a client can access to private sections ;
  • customizable user and article image folder.


> Cofax is very much active...

Cofax is very much active, for those of you have been writing us to ask.
The CVS repositor on sourceforge shows the crew activity on Cofax sources.


> Newspapers & Technology mentions Cofax

Tom Arnold, in this month's issue of Newspapers & Technology writes a piece on open source technology and it's impact. Cofax is mentioned as an great example, as is Smile's effort to port it to MySQL.


> HtmlArea into Cofax

Cofax now includes the very helpful HTMLArea. This is an HTML textarea with HTML capabilities. Now Cofax users needn't have any HTML knowledge whatsoever to produce expert looking stories. Many thanks to Badr Chentouf for incorporating this quite useful tool into Cofax.


> Cofax 2.0

Cofax 2.0 is available ! with many new features ! Download it on sourceforge


> Cofax Adopts Cofax

The new website is up and running, backed by none other than Cofax itself. Over the past few months Badr Chentouf has been hard at work, putting Cofax through its paces, and coming up with the site you see now.

This is a great demonstration of the versatility and power of open source software at its finest. Go to?The Cofax Downloads page and get your copy today!


> Future Cofax 2.0 screenshots

Cofax 2.0 is now undergoing beta testing by the intrepid Cofax crew. Take a look at some screenshots of the incredibly functional new look Cofax. You'll be amazed at how much Cofax has changed!


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