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COFAX 2.3 is out !

Version 2.3 is out and corrects many bugs

What's really new in COFAX 2.3 :
  • integration of JTIDY for cleaning HTML on the fly ;
  • integration of TinyMCE as embeded editor ;
  • integration of JSTL (used for RSS parsing, for example);
  • running MySQL 5 and TOMCAT 5 (and still works on MySQL 4 and TOMCAT 4)
  • adding some new package tags ;
  • complete redesign of the page cache system ;
  • complete new back-office templates (with some old disabled features ) ;
  • new FileServlet design, which enables to deliver human readable filenames to attached files keeping the actual filename storing policy ;
  • IP Filtering to check if a client can access to private sections ;
  • customizable user and article image folder.

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